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Microsoft Golf 3.0 With Serial Version Download neravany




Advertise. Contact us. golf3.exe (by KudzX) Registered Date: 06.05.06 Hitman : GLOF3.0 Registered Date: 21.03.06 Registered Date: 25.03.06 Golf 3.0 Exe is a golf simulator program. It is the newest version of "Golf 3.0" originally available on the ftp sites. The game is missing a few things such as mouse movement, skins & various tracks are not included. So in short, Golf 3.0 EXE is a buggy version of the game. Nevertheless this is the version of golf which you can download from ftp sites! golf3.exe (by Ultimate Download) Registered Date: 09.10.06 Update: "Ultimate Golf 3.0" golf3.exe (by BlindPirate) Registered Date: 19.03.06 I have created this program to give back to the original golf fans out there. The program allows you to run the original golf game under the name "Golf 3.0" just like it was intended to be. It will save you the hassle of having to download, install and run the original Golf game under a different name just to run under the original name. A user interface to select the included skins, track and settings are available for those who prefer to have this added. You also have the option of extracting the program to another folder. A small intro video is included with the option to play it. If you know any one that is stuck on a similar issue I hope you enjoy the program and find it useful. golf3.exe (by Team Workhorse) Registered Date: 10.06.06 Registered Date: 14.03.06 Version 2.0 golf3.exe (by zaev)




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Microsoft Golf 3.0 With Serial Version Download neravany

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