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The Breed that Captured My Heart

I live in the Greenville area of South Carolina with my husband and together we raise and show Bichon Frise.
My love for the Bichon Frise started when I adopted my first one in the 1980's. Jamie was a rescue, so he had some issues, but I loved him dearly. That is how the Bichon Frise captured my heart. At the time, we owned a retail store in Vancouver, B.C. and he used to come to work with me everyday. As Bichons normally do, he entertained the customers everytime they came in.
I was hooked on the breed and because of my love of Bichons, I decided to get into the show dog world. I sought out an experienced breeder and carefully selected two show quality puppies. Both puppies had a number of champion generations behind them. As I gained more experience, I continued to show more and more and became very successful at it. I showed my Bichons to their championships in both Canada and the USA. When my husband and I retired, we sold our retail store and moved south of the border as we had planned for a long time.
Today, we reside in beautiful South Carolina, where I continue to show my Bichons in the USA.

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