Dog Flea Shampoo

Always Consult Your Veterinarian Before Using Self-Remedies


There are some very safe, natural flea preventatives out there. One such one is a cedar oil spray. Some newer companies are offering such sprays and they are very successful in flea preventative and even flea control. One such company was on Shark Tank, a few months ago. I am not affiliated with their product, so I won't mention their name, but it is a basic recipe of Water, a substance to keep the oil and water from separating, about 2% Cedar Oil spray and a very very tiny amount of Lemongrass oil for natural fragrance. It works so well, it helps repel and kill both fleas and ticks!! It even helps repel mosquitoes.

Many pet owners have found the spray above to be sufficient protection from parasites. However, if you live in a heartworm prevalent area, you will need to take further steps to ensure that your dog does not contract heartworm, as it can be very deadly, and can be very expensive to treat.

Unfortunately, heartworm preventative will require chemicals. But, you can still take steps to minimize the impact that it can make on your pet.

NOTE: For informational purposes only, always consult your veterinarian before you decide on what to use.

There are a couple of very good heartworm preventatives available, which can be purchased online:

Invermectin (liquid form used on sheep/farm animals):

Ivermectin Sheep Drench 0.08% Dosage based on the weight of your Bichon:

-8 to 14 pounds: 0.05 cc (one-half of 0.1 cc

-15 to 29 pounds: 0.1 cc

(use a small medicine dropper syringe for babies and give orally)

OR (not both!) You Can Use:

Pyrantel Pamoate
1 ml/10 lbs. of body weight

(use a small medicine dropper syringe for babies and give orally)




Pyrantel Pamoate.jpg